Why Your Blog Is The Heart of Your Business Online

Have you noticed how excited everyone has become by all the wonderful whizzy social networking tools and are busily using them to promote their products and services? While these tools are indeed very important, I’ve noticed an over-reliance on social networking sites by business owners who are in danger of getting carried away. They’re forgetting that this is only one part of marketing via the internet.

I went to a presentation on using social media in business recently and was really surprised that blogs and blogging were only mentioned in passing because I believe your blog really is the main hub of your business online and that it brings all your online marketing efforts together.

From your blog you can share valuable content , in the form of written articles, audio recordings as well as the increasingly popular videos. All of these should be designed to demonstrate your expertise and attract the search engines to visit. The more frequently you post new material on your blog, the more often the search engines will come and visit.

In addition, your new posts will go out automatically to all your social media ‘outposts ‘ alerting your communities and followers there to your latest words of wisdom.

Unbelievably there’s a new blog being set up literally every second of the day, although many of these are soon abandoned. Others are started with good intentions and then run out of steam….

Working out what to post, maintaining a high standard of information and posting regularly enough to keep readers eager for more, takes planning, time and commitment . And that’s what you need to be prepared to do if your blog is to be a successful online ambassador of your business.

Without a blog, your website is more or less isolated from all the followers you’ve carefully cultivated in the social networks. There’s a limit to how many times you can link to a sales page in your tweets or on Facebook, before you annoy people and they stop paying attention or, worst case, unfollow you. And once they’ve signed up to your newsletter (you do have an email newsletter don’t you?) why should they keep returning to your website?

So keeping your blog busy and refreshed with new, high quality information which is automatically shared with all your online connections, enables the valuable interactions to keep on going and keep on building stronger relationships , some of which will lead to new business.

© Louise Barnes-Johnston, 2010

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Online Blogging Business and Marketing – Is It Possible to Make Money Blogging on Internet?

Marketing and blogging for money tips are always on top of news in this free blogging world of businesses online. You should be aware of about how to blog and how to gain link popularity for your online business blogs by effective Link building strategies if you are aiming to get most from your online blogging business.

How to Blog? Today in this modern era where technology and internet matters the most everyone out there is talking about How to Blog free of cost. Most of the people out here are keen enough to make money blogging. They want to see top results in no time where they can get rich soon. But to be frank enough there is no such methods on internet where you can get rich soon in just one night sitting at home.

Of course with the help of internet, anyone and absolutely everyone can make money blogging, but only with, perfect blogging tips and strategies. You can make money blogging that may be too enough that you can just quit your day job and deal with free blogging journey independently, being your own boss. But going for blogging and knowing how to blog is not as easy as you think.

You may think that you have various eBooks out there which can teach you this. But beware of those most of the eBooks which does not show you the right and effective results. Also be careful about investing in these eBooks as many of them you can just get online for free.

What makes you attract towards this free blogging business is the talks you heard of several bloggers and webmasters who are simply earning thousands of dollars each day and successfully keeping up their goal to make money blogging. But you never heard about the history which showed them this successful way.

How Online Blogs Can Boost Your Internet Marketing Website Business

Online Blogs otherwise known as blogs are websites in which items are posted on a regular basis. Blog is a widely used shortened form of weblog. In fact it is an online journal and writing it is known as “blogging”. Individual articles or entries in your blogs are known as “blog posts”. Today online blogs have become a handy tool in the hands of many successful internet marketers who have harnessed the power of these blogs to boost their internet marketing business.

Blogging is indeed one of the best ways of boosting the visibility of your business. By having a blog in your website or by linking your blog to your website you can develop a regular stream of traffic to your website.

By blogging regularly or preferably on a daily basis you will start building a regular readership and followers who will return frequently to read your updates. This is regular traffic for your blog and website.

Unlike in a website, a personal touch and the human element can be brought to play in your posts which will have a better reaction and appreciation from your readership which will in turn bring in potential new customers and clients to your online business.

Search engines love fresh content and regularly updating your blog with keyword optimized quality posts will automatically attract the spiders of the search engines to crawl your blog frequently, index it often and appear in the search results. This will attract other bloggers too to link to your posts thus providing several back links to your blog. The obvious result will be an increase in your link popularity and your page rank.

The online blog can provide to your customers and visitors all the latest information about your products and services, promotions and future plans so that they will keep on visiting your site regularly and frequently.

The advantage of a blog is that it provides the opportunity for your customers and visitors to make their comments on your posts or products thus enabling them to build a rapport with you. It also provides you with the opportunity to take their comments and views seriously and rectify any shortcomings and device ways and means of improving your online business.

Regular posting of blog entries about the theme of your blog, giving regular business advice, reviews about new products and other industry news will automatically generate a lot of traffic. The visitors will before long accept you as an expert in your field of activity and end up as your customers thereby boosting your online business.

Another great feature of online blogs is the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or Atom feeds. This enables transmission of frequently updated content like blog entries, news headlines and podcasts in a standardized format such as summary of content or the full text instantly to subscribers to your RSS or Atom feeds. Using RSS or Atom feeds makes it possible for your regular visitors to keep up with your blog and internet marketing business in an automated manner which is easier than checking them manually.

There are over one hundred and fifteen million blogs out there in the Internet and most of the bloggers enjoy blogging. On the other hand smart internet marketing webmasters who have realized the advantage of having online blogs are reaping the benefits of having blogs that costs them nothing.

There’s No Business Like Blog Business

Do you have a blog? If not, you should, especially if you’re trying to build a business online. Blogs can be used for lead generation, they are traffic magnets, and they’re free. How cool is that?

But one question that often arises is, “How do I make money from my blog?”

There is a simple answer to that, but here are 3 good ones:

Use it to build your email marketing list:
When you first start a blog, you should write in it every day. By doing so, you’re building a relationship with people in your niche, who are looking for information. They will subscribe to your feed, and if you add an autoresponder optin box to the blog, they will subscribe to your email marketing list, as well. A relationship with readers that know, like, and trust you ensures that you will make sales on the products you recommend.

Use a banner or two in your sidebar:
People who come to enjoy the content in your blog will be looking through it for more information. Placing a banner ad in your sidebar is a good way to attract their attention to products that you use and recommend. Linking them to affiliate sales is another way to make money with your blog. Just don’t overdo. Too many banners and your blog will look like a carnival and highly unprofessional.

Solicit Advertising:
If you consistently place good content in your blog, be it written, video, or audio podcasting, advertisers may well approach you. However, it’s okay to write to webmasters in your niche and offer them space in your sidebar. To do this, be sure that your blog is getting lots of traffic because that’s what really matters to advertisers. Just never sell paid links of any kind. Links are text phrases that are hyperlinked back to the advertiser’s website. It’s still possible to do this, but the search engines really abhor the practice (especially Google), so it can ruin your search engine rankings.

Search engines love blogs, so getting traffic to them is easy, if you’re providing solid content about your niche on a regular basis. You can use blogs for a lead generation boost [http://ListFormula.com], to build relationships with your market, a